2 weeks & a day

he’s getting bigger now. 2 weeks and a day. the world is getting safer by the minute, and it’s ok to investigate new things, to smell, to feel, and to taste. to wonder. he is vulnerable, but tough, unexperienced but a fast learner, soft but with an edge, sceptical but curious. feet are more steady, and running around is easier. mum’s not chasing so much anymore, because she knows, it will be ok, he will be ok. he is here to stay.

IMG_7695 IMG_7701 IMG_7707


new life

Tuesday last week, my brother in law discovered one of his ponies had given birth over night. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the young foal when it was less than 12 hours old, and it was an amazing sight. I saw the spot where it had been born, still full of signs that a birth had recently taken place, and the fiercely protective mother watching over her baby while it still wasn’t capable of standing up straight. I heard the sounds she made to communicate with her newborn, and witnessed how utterly dependent he was on her at this extremely vulnerable stage of his life. As I walked into this beautiful scene, I found myself in complete awe of nature, and what it is capable of achieving. I also realised in that moment how similar all species are, and that we share so much more than we’ll probably ever fully understand.

When I came back the following day (equipped with a camera), the foal was already running around, teasing his mum to chase him, which she did because she is, after all, a worried mother. It’s been wonderful to observe his development over the last few days, and witness the miracle new life really is. IMG_7670 IMG_7665 IMG_7657 IMG_7652 IMG_7648 IMG_7644


new country, new blog

I wasn’t quite sure if this blogging thing was right for me. That’s why I kept quiet for ages, and let my old page turn dusty.

Now I’ve got a second wind, after the talented hjartesmil worked her magic and created this new, pretty page for me.

So much has happened in my life in the last 6 months. New country, new home, new job, new daily life, new routines, new existence. Baby boy due in 8 weeks. Matt practicing his Norwegian with me every night at the dinner table. Feeling like life is starting again, somehow, and that the past is just a distant dream. All thanks to this growing presence within, the one I can feel, but who I don’t know yet. It’s a beautiful thing.