the waiting game

waiting for a baby is a tough gig. my baby boy was due on 28th of july, and in mind this was the pinnacle moment when everything was going to change. well, the day came and went, and another day came and went and then another….3 days later, i’m still pregnant and there is (still) no sign of any baby boys making their way into the world, well not from my corner of the couch anyway. being pregnant has been such a wonderful thing and i’ve enjoyed every step of the way. Even just last week, at week 39, i could be quoted saying stuff like ‘i really enjoy just pregnant’, and ‘i’ll miss being pregnant’, ‘it’s kinda nice that he’s still in there so i can enjoy my sleep ins’, but hey then suddenly, you round the corner of week 40 and everything changes! the first thing i noticed was an increase in appetite that has me up munching on various items from the fridge most mornings at about 4 am. the second thing is how hard it is to sleep, but then once you do reach sleep, how hard it is to wake up. i’m literally in a coma! the third thing is how hard it is to turn in bed without ‘disturbing’ the little miracle inside, who will literally start his morning yoga routine if i’m not careful. the fourth thing (and trust me the list could go on), is the tummy growing & growing & growing…..maybe not at that pace, but fairly quickly still i’d say. a week in this neck of the woods is the difference between being able to walk up a flight of stairs, or not being able to walk up a flight of stairs. and except for the constant fear that your waters will break just as you are ready to tuck into that main course at your favourite restaurant (because my midwife suggested i’d just live life as normal), life couldn’t be further from normal, really. how can you possibly go and see a movie when you know ‘the birth could start at any moment’? or have the peace of heart/guts to stroll through the city on a balmy, summer night (knowing that the car is parked 20 minutes away!!). beats me. so in the meantime, i’m spending my days watching movies in bed with my mobile phone next to me, hanging out only with people who i know can handle me if i do go into labor all of a sudden whilst sipping a cafe latte at their house (sorry old aunties and grandma’s), getting stuck into obscure American match making shows on TV ( a girl’s gotta be entertained) and trying, trying, trying my best not to eat absolutely everything in the fridge!

it is, after all, just a waiting game.

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