the new july

when i was living in melbourne, july was the coldest month of the year. i had started to associate july with short, rainy days, poor indoor heating systems, blankets & rugs & trackies, electric blankets in bed, cardies & mockies, bottles of red on a wednesday night and lots and lots of hot chocolate.

in norway, july is the month of absolute summer joy. the days are humid and warm, and as most people are on holiday from work, there is this real sense of peace and serenity around us. traffic is good, supermarkets half empty and the residential streets are filled with happy kids on school holidays. the rugged fjord landscape has been turned into impromptu swimming spots, and people are setting up their little “take away” barbecues anywhere and everywhere. our short winter days have been replaced with never ending summer nights, that just go on and on, and you wonder when you’re going to be able to have an early night, because it is simply impossible to hit the sack before 1 am. in the balmy night, we dream of dark, green grass, and black rocks leading into the dark blue sea. in the morning, we wake early, full of anticipation of what’s to come, another day in july, the month we dream of all year, and that keeps us sane during the darkest of times.

sometimes, you couldn’t ask for more, and we know it so well. this is bliss, this is life at its best, knowing that everything happens right now, and we are lucky enough to be here to experience it.

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