There’s nothing quite like Norwegian summer. Just like that, winter has lost its grip on the landscape and nature has undergone a complete transformation. Gradually, we have witnessed our surroundings turn green and seen what miracles can be achieved in just a week, sometimes even just a day. When the world is green, it’s easy to forget that it’s not always like this. It’s hard to remember that winter is always there, always behind the scenes, waiting, lurking, making sure of his return, once summer has done its time. But for now, we enjoy these peaceful, light summer nights. It’s hard to go to bed before midnight, and even harder to sleep past 7 am. It gives me endless peace to look outside just before I go to bed, seeing the green, luscious landscape hovering out there, and to think about how the sun sets for just a few hours before she is back for another day of bliss.


2 Comments på summer

  1. Siren
    Monday, 14. December 2015 23:20

    Der, I den sofaen! Skulle jeg gjerne ha vert akkurat naa – med en kaffe kopp I haanden, mens munnen gaar og oerene lytter – memories and more to

    • admin
      Monday, 11. January 2016 11:17

      Ja!:) Gleder meg ekstremt til dere er hjemme igjen jeg altså! xxx


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