Summer to-do list

  • stay up really late at night, to make sure I don’t miss a single ray of that midsummer sunlight
  • wash my sheets weekly and hang them up in the garden, so they always smell of warm summer sun
  • sunbake at 8 pm
  • jump into really cold sea water and dry slowly in the warmth of the midday sun, with a towel wrapped around my waist
  • get up really early, like 5 am, and have a coffee on the balcony while the world is quiet and the birds are my only company
  • eat strawberries for supper and watermelon for breakfast
  • meet strangers in the street, and stop for a chat just because
  • bake banana cake and enjoy it on the balcony after 9 pm, while reflecting on the day just gone
  • eat ice cream with a child who really loves ice cream
  • lie in the grass at least every second day, with a book or just marvelling at the sky, contemplating life and summer and the endless cycle of the seasons
  • watch movies in bed late at night, with tanned legs and a big bowl of grapes





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