Summer to-do list

  • stay up really late at night, to make sure I don’t miss a single ray of that midsummer sunlight
  • wash my sheets weekly and hang them up in the garden, so they always smell of warm summer sun
  • sunbake at 8 pm
  • jump into really cold sea water and dry slowly in the warmth of the midday sun, with a towel wrapped around my waist
  • get up really early, like 5 am, and have a coffee on the balcony while the world is quiet and the birds are my only company
  • eat strawberries for supper and watermelon for breakfast
  • meet strangers in the street, and stop for a chat just because
  • bake banana cake and enjoy it on the balcony after 9 pm, while reflecting on the day just gone
  • eat ice cream with a child who really loves ice cream
  • lie in the grass at least every second day, with a book or just marvelling at the sky, contemplating life and summer and the endless cycle of the seasons
  • watch movies in bed late at night, with tanned legs and a big bowl of grapes





2 weeks & a day

he’s getting bigger now. 2 weeks and a day. the world is getting safer by the minute, and it’s ok to investigate new things, to smell, to feel, and to taste. to wonder. he is vulnerable, but tough, unexperienced but a fast learner, soft but with an edge, sceptical but curious. feet are more steady, and running around is easier. mum’s not chasing so much anymore, because she knows, it will be ok, he will be ok. he is here to stay.

IMG_7695 IMG_7701 IMG_7707



There’s nothing quite like Norwegian summer. Just like that, winter has lost its grip on the landscape and nature has undergone a complete transformation. Gradually, we have witnessed our surroundings turn green and seen what miracles can be achieved in just a week, sometimes even just a day. When the world is green, it’s easy to forget that it’s not always like this. It’s hard to remember that winter is always there, always behind the scenes, waiting, lurking, making sure of his return, once summer has done its time. But for now, we enjoy these peaceful, light summer nights. It’s hard to go to bed before midnight, and even harder to sleep past 7 am. It gives me endless peace to look outside just before I go to bed, seeing the green, luscious landscape hovering out there, and to think about how the sun sets for just a few hours before she is back for another day of bliss.


new life

Tuesday last week, my brother in law discovered one of his ponies had given birth over night. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the young foal when it was less than 12 hours old, and it was an amazing sight. I saw the spot where it had been born, still full of signs that a birth had recently taken place, and the fiercely protective mother watching over her baby while it still wasn’t capable of standing up straight. I heard the sounds she made to communicate with her newborn, and witnessed how utterly dependent he was on her at this extremely vulnerable stage of his life. As I walked into this beautiful scene, I found myself in complete awe of nature, and what it is capable of achieving. I also realised in that moment how similar all species are, and that we share so much more than we’ll probably ever fully understand.

When I came back the following day (equipped with a camera), the foal was already running around, teasing his mum to chase him, which she did because she is, after all, a worried mother. It’s been wonderful to observe his development over the last few days, and witness the miracle new life really is. IMG_7670 IMG_7665 IMG_7657 IMG_7652 IMG_7648 IMG_7644


country + life

I love this country living. The familiar smell of freshly cut grass in the warm summer sun makes me so happy I’m about to burst. The subtle, but distinct sounds of the farm surroundings – some birds chirping, insects buzzing and the quiet wind brushing over the green landscape. It’s absolute bliss.


pizza & old farms

When I lived in Melbourne, dinner at a restaurant was common practice several times a week, and Italian wood fire pizzas one of my absolute favourites. Now that I’m back in Norway, authentic wood fire pizza is unfortunately not so easy to come by, that is unless you make it yourself. So this Saturday, Matt bought a pizza stone, which is literally just a stone you heat in the oven and put the pizza on to bake. We made some the same day, and it was divine! I recommend simple toppings such as pepperoni, mozzarella, anchovies, parmesan and basil.

IMG_7609 IMG_7606IMG_7612

We also visited an old farm on the weekend, that didn’t even have a road connected to it. The weather was warm & sunny, and we walked through a little forrest to get there. The main house was from 1868 and it was all so typically Norwegian that I almost wanted to buy it, get some goats and live happily ever after!

IMG_7620 IMG_7621 IMG_7625 IMG_7627 IMG_7637 IMG_7639