new country, new blog

I wasn’t quite sure if this blogging thing was right for me. That’s why I kept quiet for ages, and let my old page turn dusty.

Now I’ve got a second wind, after the talented hjartesmil worked her magic and created this new, pretty page for me.

So much has happened in my life in the last 6 months. New country, new home, new job, new daily life, new routines, new existence. Baby boy due in 8 weeks. Matt practicing his Norwegian with me every night at the dinner table. Feeling like life is starting again, somehow, and that the past is just a distant dream. All thanks to this growing presence within, the one I can feel, but who I don’t know yet. It’s a beautiful thing.




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  1. Ag
    Tuesday, 15. July 2014 08:05

    Um.. that second picture scares the absolute crap out of me.. looks like you’re plunging into an abyss! What is it?


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