it’s been 10 weeks

It’s been 10 weeks since we left Australia. It feels like forever ago. There are already so many things I miss, like:

  • walking home from the train after a busy day at work, feeling the warm summer sun on my skin, swinging by my local shop to pick up a bottle of refreshingly cold Sav Blanc, coming home and settling in for the night, cooking dinner whilst sipping wine, having friends over, and eventually watching the sunset make the sky go red and purple in the horizon
  • waking up to an abundance of birds most mornings, chirping their familiar sounds from 6 am, while rays of sunshine are trying to get a glimpse of me through the curtains
  • walking to my favourite cafe on a Saturday morning, soaking up the neighbourhood’s weekend sounds and shenanigans, arriving at my cafe to be greeted by the familiar, smiling waitresses asking me if I’ll be needing a menu today or if I just want to order straight away…Getting my coffee and sipping it slowly while I people-watch and smile to my beloved
  • sitting on the train early in the morning, listening to music, and studying people when they can’t see that I’m watching, wondering who they are and where they work, and all the other stuff I’ll never know about them
  • the feeling of being anonymous in a big city where nobody knows who I am, or where I came from, seeing a face in the crowd and wondering if I’ll ever see that face again

Having said that, there are so many great things about Norway. I particularly love:

  • spending dark, cold winter nights inside, burning candles and baking something sweet to eat, like cinnamon scrolls, and drinking numerous cups of tea
  • the magical blue light early in the morning and then again in the afternoon just before it gets dark, reminding me of where I am, far up north, in the arctic circle
  • going for a long walk outside, all rugged up in a jacket, beanie, gloves and scarf, and the comforting feeling when I come back into the warm, dim lounge room, all rosy cheeked and strangely satisfied
  • weekend breakfasts around the table at home, with fresh bread and boiled eggs, or warm waffles, and hot coffee of course
  • the anticipation of spring, and the days growing longer each day, noticing it, and feeling in union with the seasons, ever changing, just like my inner life
  • feeling strangely, but comfortably connected to everything that’s going on around me, a feeling I seem to have forgotten all about, somewhere along the way….




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