it’s yours

“…that thing you want, that thing that feels like it’s a hundred miles away…it’s yours. It always has been. All you have to do is go and get it with starlight and butterflies…”

This week has been a reminder to myself that whatever it is that I’m seeking, all I need to do is to reach out and grab it. Too much effort is put into thinking about what we don’t have or supposedly can’t have, rather than what we actually have and are able to obtain if we try hard enough. Trust me, I understand, because I’m a master of this myself. I have since realised that the world consists of two types of people: the ones who do and the ones who think about doing. Which one are you?

I had the privilege of sitting in a beautiful little park in East Melbourne after work one night this week. It was 20 degrees and  comfortably overcast, with a mild wind carrying with it the smell of freshly sprung spring flowers, and I was in heaven.


I discovered a little quiet street behind my noisy work street, where birds were chirping and I could sit down and recharge my batteries for 10 minutes before heading back to the busy workday.


I stumbled across a divine Saturday morning Makers Market, where people were selling the beautiful things they had made themselves.


I picked up these home made treasures for myself:


Just remember. It’s yours.

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